Aus den sieben tagen

26 | 4 | 2022 | 16:00

April 26 | 16:00 | Meet The Artists

Take the opportunity to fully experience the preparations for the Stockhausen project: Aus Den Sieben Tagen and join for Meet The Artists. You will be given the chance to listen to the general rehearsal, you will get acquainted with the artistic concept of the evening as well as meet the performers in person. All that you need is to get your concert ticket in advance.


16:00 | Meeting at the DOX + reception

- presentation of the artistic concept of the evening with Mrs. Barbora Schejbalová

- Public main rehearsal

- introduction to the concept of light design with Mrs. Barbora Jágrová

- meet the artists: Robin Rimbaud, Roland Dahinden, Gareth Davis

17:30 | end of the Meet The Artists programme

19:00 | Concert


Note: after the end of the programme at 17:30, it will not be possible to stay in the DOX+ hall.


Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Aus den Sieben Tagen (March 1968) is a reaction to the global and personal crises that took place in the period of its composition. The music could be called “intuitive” in the sense that it was created primarily on the basis of intuition, rather than the technique of its performers, and is a felt, natural attempt to solve psychological difficulties and challenges. In view of the events of 2020-21, it’s fair to say that the piece is once again particularly relevant, dealing as it does with themes such as insufficient social contact, uncertainty, and the fragility of life and its values.

This site-specific performance features an exceptional ensemble which includes electronic musician Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Motorpsycho drummer Tomas Jarmyr, Gareth Davis (Merzbow, Christian Marclay), Roland Dahinden (Miles Davis, Anthony Braxton), Dario Calderone (Klangforum Wien), Agathe Max (Rhys Chatham, Animal Hospital) and Czech singer Markéta Schaffartzik. Collaborating with light designer Barbora Jágrová, this eclectic group of musicians uses elements of experimental rock, improvisation, jazz, and contemporary music to fashion a piece that lives and breathes in the here and now.

Aus den Sieben Tagen departs from traditional expectations of a concert: audience members are encouraged to move around during the performance, to be aware of their surroundings, to walk or even lie down, to think. They’re surrounded by the musicians, and so don’t need to focus on a stage, but can immerse themselves in a world of sound and light, as the details in the architecture around them are emphasised, adding another layer to the music.