Benedicte Maurseth and Sigbjørn Apeland | PMP Ensemble

in collaboration with Music is

9 | 11 | 2023 | 19:30
X10 Theater

11 I 9 2023 Divadlo X10, Praha - Benedicte Maurseth, Sigbjørn Apeland, PMP Ensemble

11 I10 2023 Divadlo 29, Pardubice - Sigbjørn Apeland, PMP Ensemble

11 I11 2023 Zámek Dobrohoř - Sigbjørn Apeland, PMP Ensemble


On the cover of the album Hárr, the great-great-grandfather of composer and violinist Benedicte Maurseth sits while a herd of reindeer grazes behind him. Apart from the photo, there is a short recording of his voice. It’s a bond that spans generations, and one that predestined Maurseth for her career as a successful composer and performer on the Hardanger violin, a Norwegian folk stringed instrument. In her compositions and improvisations, she does not try to construct a utopian past. With her ancient instrument, she speaks to our time through evocative rhythms, melodic flexibility, and surprising harmonies defined by the rich resonance of the instrument and its strings.   

In addition to her solo pieces, she will play several duets in Prague with her fellow countryman, Sigbjørn Apeland, an ethnomusicologist with an interest in church and folk music, organist, and long-time member of the Norwegian improvisation scene. The program will also include the world premiere of a new work by Benedicte Maurseth, which the duo of artists will perform together with the PMP Ensemble.

PMP Ensemble:

Anna Romanovská - violin

Jana Vöröšová - cimbalon

Kristýna Farag - flutes

Zdenek Závodný - sopran and bass sax

Michal Wroblewski - alt sax

Michal Hrubý - clarinet, bass clarinet

Klára Pudláková - double bass

Petr Tichý - double bass

Elia Moretti - drums, percussions

Antonín Procházka - drums, percussions


Organized by Prague Music Performance in cooperation with Music is.