Roscoe Mitchell Quintet I Jon Irabagon I Roland Dahinden I PMP Ensemble

10 | 6 | 2022 | 18:00
Archa Theatre


featuring Roscoe Mitchell Quintet, Jon Irabagon, PMP Ensemble, Roland Dahinden




Roscoe Mitchell: Workshop





Jon Irabagon - saxophone

PMP Ensemble

Roland Dahinden - conductor





Roscoe Mitchell - saxophone

Tomeka Reid - cello

Silvia Bolognesi - double bass

Dudu Kouate - vocal, African percussion, flute

Tani Tabbal - drums, percussion


Roscoe Mitchell is a founding member of the world renowned Art Ensemble of Chicago, the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, and the Trio Space. Internationally renowned musician, composer, and innovator, began his distinguished career in the spirited 1960s of Chicago, Illinois. His role in the resurrection of long neglected woodwind instruments of extreme register, his innovation as a solo woodwind performer, his and his reassertion of the composer into what has traditionally been an improvisational form have placed him at the forefront of contemporary music for over four decades.

A leader in the field of avant-garde jazz and contemporary music, Mr. Mitchell has recorded 87 albums and has written over 250 compositions. His compositions range from classical to contemporary, from wild and forceful free jazz to ornate chamber music. Also, for over 35 years, he has designed an elaborate percussion instrument called the Percussion Cage, consisting of instruments from America, China, Tibet, Africa, Australia, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, and Turkey, as well many found instruments. He is the recipient of many honors and awards including The American Music Center Letter of Distinction, The International Jazz Critics Poll, Down Beat Magazine etc.

A Filipino-American saxophonist and composer, and alumnus of the jazz programme at Juilliard, Jon Irabagon’s work is  an expression both of identity for an often-marginalised minority community, and of his own remarkable musical voice. Time Out New York named him one of the city’s ’25 Jazz Icons,’ and he has worked with legendary names like Lou Reed, Herbie Hancock, and Wynton Marsalis, as well as with some of the most notable and original players on the contemporary scene: Dave Douglas, Mary Halvorson, Barry Altschul, and Mostly Other People Do The Killing. He runs his own label, Irabbagast Records, putting out his own work as well as that of other cutting-edge artists.

Roland Dahinden is a Swiss composer and trombonist. As a trombonist he specializes in the performance of contemporary music and improvisation/jazz. He has given concerts throughout Europe, America and Asia. Composers such as Peter Ablinger, Maria de Alvear, Anthony Braxton, John Cage, Peter Hansen, Hauke Harder, Bernhard Lang, Joelle Léandre, Alvin Lucier, Chris Newman, Pauline Oliveros, Hans Otte, Lars Sandberg, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Daniel Wolf and Christian Wolff have written especially for him. In 2005, the CD Silberen was picked as one of the 'Top Classical Albums of the Year 2004' by The New Yorker.

As a composer he collaborated with visual artists Guido Baselgia, Andreas Brandt, Stéphane Brunner, Daniel Buren, Rudolf de Crignis, Philippe Deléglise, Inge Dick, Rainer Grodnick, Sol LeWitt, Lisa Schiess, with the architects Morger & Degelo, and with the author Eugen Gomringer. His exhibitions with sound installation and sculptors are shown in Europe and America.

Interdisciplinary and super-genre PMP Ensemble focuses on different forms of controlled improvisation and combines classical notation with graphic scores, notated, aleatoric as well as completely improvised passages. The international ensemble includes leading representatives of the experimental and improvisational scene.

Petr Balhar - drums

Jan Bára – guitar

Marcel Bárta – saxophone

Vít Beneš – guitar

Jan Chalupa – drums

George Cremaschi - double bass

Martin Debřička – saxophone

Vojta Drnek – accordion

Jakub Gatěk – trumpet

Luan Goncalves – double bass

Michal Grombiřík – dulcimer

Radim Hanousek – bass clarinet, saxophone

Jana Havláková – violin

Michal Hrubý – bass clarinet, clarinet

Pavel Hrubý – bass clarinet

Didrik Ingvaldsen – trumpet

Milan Jakeš – violin

Jan Jirucha – trombone

Václav Kalivoda – trombone

Daniel Kéry – guitar

Radim Kolář - drums

Martin Konvička – piano

Miloš Kunc – piano 

Andrea La Rose – flute

Anežka Matoušková – vocal

Jan Michálek - saxophone, violin

Ian Mikyska - viola da gamba, guitar

Elia Moretti – vibraphone

Mikuláš Mrva – bass guitar, electronic

Jan Nepodal - vibraphone

Anežka Nováková – drums, percussion, vibraphone

Lucie Páchová – vocal, electronic

Vojtěch Procházka – harmonium 

Jan Přibil – trumpet

Jan Pudlák - piano

Klára Pudláková - double bass

Anna Romanovská - violin

Štefan Szabó – guitar

Jakub Švejnar – drums

Pavel Šabacký – saxophone

Patrik Švec – saxophone

Filip Tománek – drums, percussion

Vojtěch Vaida – drums

Žaneta Vítová – accordion

Jana Vondrů – vocal, harmonium

Michal Wroblewski – saxophone, clarinet

Pavel Zlámal – saxophone, clarinet