THE MUSICAL BOX presents Selling England By The Pound – November 4, 2015 – Forum Karlin

THE MUSICAL BOX presents Selling England By The Pound November 4, Forum Karlin, 8pm In the autumn of 1973, a musical event was about to re-define the concept of a rock show. Five British musicians, under the name of Genesis, began touring Europe and North America to promote the release of their fourth album, Selling England by the Pound. Both the theatrical imagination of Peter Gabriel and the intricacy and intensity of Genesis’ music reached their apex, and were enhanced by surrealistic sets and special visual effects, leaving the audience spellbound. For what proved to be one of the first-ever multimedia performances, Selling England by the Pound remains a vivid memory for those privileged to have attended it. The timelessness of the artistry was such that almost 30 years later, the show is still contemporary, and enjoys a cult-like following. It has become a Classic… To pay homage to the artistic genius of Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford, that Classic is being restaged by The Musical Box. THE PROJECT A team of musicians, technicians and collectors invested years of work in reproducing the original Selling England by the Pound concert in painstaking detail. Both the mandate and inspiration of the team were clear: to attempt to re-create the magic of the concerts, and give people an illusion of being at the actual Genesis show. The role of The Musical Box, then, was to function as a kind of medium between Genesis and their fans. THE RESTAGING The reconstruction of this ambitious project was based on hundreds of photos and slides of the original concerts, videos, amateur films, articles from papers and magazines, as well as information offered by numerous people who either worked on or attended the Genesis shows between 1973 and 1974. All these sources allowed for the masks, costumes, make-up, accessories, sets, lighting design, special effects, choreography and musical presentation to be meticulously duplicated. The construction of certain scenic elements demanded extensive research, as a number of materials used by Genesis at the time have since become extremely rare. Access to the original slides used by Genesis in their tour completed the visual recreation. To do justice to the intensity of Genesis’ music, the show reproduction was based on the studio versions of the pieces. In view of the fact that no printed music of Selling England by the Pound exists, there was no choice but to work it all out ‘by ear’, which proved to be quite a challenge. It also became necessary to acquire the instruments that characterized the Genesis sound: among others, the Mellotron sounds, the Hammond Organ, the Hohner Pianet, Rickenbacker double-neck guitars, bass pedals, Leslie cabinets, etc.THE CONCERTS From 1993 to 1998, The Musical Box has been presenting Selling England by The Pound in Canada and on the American East Coast to an audience of more than 100 000 people. During that period, The Musical Box also performed the Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot concerts. In February 2000, The Musical Box received confirmation from Genesis and Peter Gabriel that a licence will be provided for The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway show. Never before has any other band obtained these rights. Genesis also supplied the 1 120 slides used during the original 1974 tour. On the weekend of the first show in Montreal in October 2000, people from 23 different American States and 6 European countries attended the concerts. For the first time since 1974, the Genesis’ Selling England by the Pound show was performed in England in the Spring 2002. Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford and Steve Hackett attended the show. The itinery featured some venues from the original tour and ended at the London Royal Albert Hall with Steve Hackett playing an encore with the band. THE MUSICIANS Acoustic and electric guitars: Denis Champoux – Lead vocal, flute, percussion: Denis Gagné – Bass, bass pedals, 6-string and 12-string guitars, backing vocals: Sébastien Lamothe – Drums, percussion, backing vocals: Martin Levacs – Keyboards, 12-string guitar, backing vocals: David Myers – Musical Direction: Sébastien Lamothe – Artistic Direction: Serge Morissette WEB SITES – Official Main Site: Official UK Tour Site: GENESIS Statements on TMB: PETER GABRIEL: “The Musical Box recreated, very accurately I must say, what Genesis was doing. I saw them in Bristol with my children, so they could see what their father did back then.” (VOIR MONTREAL – November 2002) STEVE HACKETT: “I cannot imagine that you could have a better tribute for any act. They not only manage to sound, but look virtually identical. It seems as though nothing is too difficult for them.” (STORY.NEWS.YAHOO.COM – July 2002) “I think they’re the closest thing to seeing us back in either 1973, 1974 or 1975. They spend a tremendous amount of time recreating the whole thing and probably play it better than we did at the time.” (PLANET RADIO – Mar 2005) MICHAEL RUTHERFORD: “It was better than the real thing actually. It was great, that was fantastic.” (BBC NEWS – May 2002) TONY BANKS: “I have seen a video of them and the guy who does Gabriel is brilliant.” (NOVA TV – February 1998) PHIL COLLINS: “The Musical Box are a group of artists who have, over the years, painstakingly recreated various periods of the early Genesis years, with amazing accuracy and aplomb.” “They have uncannily captured US BACK THEN in every way.” (TOUR PROGRAMME – October 2004) “This is the only way to see it because it was never filmed. So… if you want to experience what it was like… and certainly musically they get very close and I think these guys play it better than we did.” (RADIO DRS3 – February 2005)