The Art of the Symphony | Conference, Exhibition & Film


December 8, 2017, 8pm
Cinema Ponrepo

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The Art of the Symphony

’The Art of the Symphony’ is a new documentary film in which we follow the creative voyage of painter Maryleen Schiltkamp, who invites us to experience her work on depicting Shostakovich’s symphonies on the canvas. The film culminates in the creation of three paintings evoking passages from Shostakovich’s Fourth Symphony, created “live” in her Prague studio. Produced by the DSCH Journal affiliate DSCH Films, written & directed by Alan Mercer.

One of the main themes evoked in the film is one of a common affinity with the symphonies of Shostakovich, works whose essence might be described as ‘individual freedom versus totalitarian oppression’. However, notwithstanding a clear political context, our art and film project evokes the vital subject of humanity in the creative process. We strive to represent – in whichever way music can relate to the human soul – the suffering of the individual and the power of artistic creation to connect and rise above this agony.

Shostakovich’s Fourth Symphony is at the heart of these notions.