Marta Töpferová


Marta Topferova is one of the most unique singers and songwriters of her generation. Her powerful voice and spirited songs are rooted in traditions ranging from Latin American folklore to Czech folk music. Marta is also a dynamic musician and plays the four-string cuatro, guitar and hand percussion. As a Czech immigrant to the United States at a young age, Marta established herself on the New York music scene, where she collaborated with some of the best musicians from the Latin, jazz and classical circles. This experience has forged a unique mix of styles in her work. Some of Marta’s most notable collaborators during her sixteen years in New York City have been harpist Edmar Castañeda, bassist Pedro Giraudo, singer Lucía Pulido, violinist Jenny Scheinman, cellist Erik Friedlander, guitarist Ben Monder, and drummer Adam Cruz. Marta recently returned to her homeland, the Czech Republic, in order to conceive and launch an ensemble of Czech and Slavic music – Milokraj – meaning “beloved land”. The result is a collection of original songs, featuring an all-star Eastern European line up: Slovak violinist Stanislav Palúch, Moldavian cimbalom player Marcel Comendant, Czech guitarist David Dorůžka and Slovak bassist Robert Ragan. Milokraj’s debut CD was funded by the Czech Ministry of Culture as well as Prague’s City Hall, and ranked among the top ten groups on the World Music Charts Europe. Since its inception, Milokraj developed a new sound, which mixes both Slavic and Latin American styles. Marta’s passion and knowledge of both of these traditions makes her one of the most sought-after proponents of Czech and Latin American folk music, and her projects continue to explore how these musical cultures intersect. In addition to Milokraj and her various Latin American formations, Marta also began performing selection of Moravian folk poetry in songs and folk ballads along with renowned pianist Jan Bartoš. To date, Marta has released seven albums: “Milokraj” (2013 Animal Music), “The Other Shore” (2011 World Village), “Trova” (2009 World Village), “Flor Nocturna” (2006 World Village), “La Marea” (2005 World Village), “Sueño Verde” (2003 Circular Moves) and “Homage to Homeland” (2002 self- produced). Marta has toured the US, Canada, Europe, Argentina and Thailand, appearing at venues such as The London’s Queen Elisabeth Hall, New York’s Blue Note, Chicago World Music festival or Nurnberg’s Bardentreffen festival. Marta is also frequently featured on radio and TV programs around the world.