LiveART with Maryleen Schiltkamp


LiveART with Maryleen Schiltkamp, Tomáš Jamník and Jan Bartoš

May 2, 2017, 7pm
New Town Hall

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MUSIC PAINTING is a new performance art, combining music, dance and painting directly by making a painting during the concert, recital or dance; a visual creation on a canvas following the musical movement and the color of sound at the same time, as a unique experience.

I am fascinated by the visual parallels of musical movement and how colour relates to sound. I want to paint music and the musical movement of dance, and I feel instrumental in this as an artist.
In a way of performance that an audience can relate too, feels captured and excited by, and enhances their experience of the musical piece or dance.
In such a way, that the interaction between musician, dancer and painter is essential to the experience.
The most interesting part is to see it being made; the painting starts when the music starts and ends likewise.

As a preparation, a visual score is created from sketches and I train myself on the time-frame; an anticipation when to do what and where on the canvas – almost like a choreography for the dance of the brush.
I work with significant moments in the dynamics of the music, contrasts and syncopation, main theme’s and inversions, the depth of character and overall nature of the piece.

During the live-performance, the previous preparations and studies are helpful but not definite – it all happens in the very moment! – as much as I aim to carry out a plan and anticipate my movements, it is always a musical experience that happens to me in interaction and is thereby a totally open form with a strong improvisational element.


About Maryleen Schiltkamp

Maryleen is a visual artist who exhibited in galleries and museums, and performed on festivals in ao. London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Curacao, St.Petersburg and Prague. Her oil paintings combine classical order with colourful temperament, and a wide reference to the continuity of tradition in art.

In recent years, Maryleen has been fascinated by the visual parallels of musical movement and color relating to sound, through which a collaboration with musicians developed, in combining exhibitions and recitals (Musical Paintings), mixed-media projects for video-film (Musical Paintings in Process), and most recently, performances of action-painting during a recital (Musicpainting Live).

At present, Maryleen lives and maintains studios in both Prague and Amsterdam.