Bansal Trio


September 10, 2016



Tickets: 150Kč


Bansal Trio performs original compositions in the raga tradition by Harpreet Bansal. In addition to Harpreet on the violin, the band members are Andreas Bratlie (tablas, percussion) and Vojtech Prochazka (harmonium, piano). The foundation of Bansal’s compositions is her upbringing in the North Indian classical musical tradition, with her father as her first tutor. The arrangements are a group effort under the guidance of producer Jan Martin Smørdal. The open form of the arrangements invite the musicians to utilize their respective musical backgrounds in improvisation and spontaneous music-making. Bansal Band’s aesthetic spectrum is wide: Melancholy, tranqulity and dignity alternate with the virtuosity, energy and passion. Drawing from the immensely powerful source that is hindustani music, Bansal Band aims to reach a broad audience both in Norway and internationally.