ALFRED BRENDEL – Between Dread and Laughter


The Legendary Alfred Brendel Puts On a Cine-Meeting in Prague March 31 – April 7, 2014 The Austrian pianist Alfred Brendel, one of the most distinguished musicians of the 20th century, is also well known as a poet, essayist, and film connoisseur. He has given concerts in Prague many times. Last year, thanks to the kind invitation by Prague Music Performance Institute and Festival, we had a chance to see him in yet another role. In two lectures, he presented his two books about music: Schubert’s Last Sonatas, a APianist’s Alphabet. His serious as well as humorous insight into the world of music met with a most hearty welcome from both the general public and experts.

Mr. Brendel is returning to Prague, this time to share his passion for movies. Again, by the invitation of Prague Music Performance, and in collaboration with Czech National Film Archives and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague, Alfred Brendel will personally introduce each of his 14 most favorite movies. He named his cine-meeting held in the Ponrepo Theater  between March 31 and April 7 “Between Dread and Laughter”. The grotesque, humor, dread and horror, and the combination of the artistry of the world’s major filmmakers with the witty observations of the legendary musician is something that only Vienna have witnessed so far! Now, Prague has the honor and privilege as well. Alfred Brendel is greatly adept in Jan Švankmajer’s work, and he greatly appreciated Švankmajer’s collaboration with the Czech composer Zdeněk Liška. In fact, the films by Jan Švankmajer will open the cine-meeting event. Classical masterpieces by Buster Keaton, Luise Buñuel, Carlose Saura, Woody Allen, Lindsay Andersen, and others will follow, always with the commentaries by the unforgettable Alfred Brendel.