Tamás Vásáry

Tamás Vásáry was born on August 11th, 1933 in Debrecen, Hungary. At the age of eight he made his debut, performing Mozart’s piano concerto in D major, K. 107 in the city of his birth, where he gave a solo recital the following year. He then began to concertize regularly as a child prodigy. It was at this time that he was introduced to Ernő Dohnányi, the leading figure of musical life in Hungary, who made a unique exception by offering to accept the gifted youth as a pupil in spite of his age. Vásáry studied only a short time under his tutelage, however, as Dohnányi soon left Hungary.   At the age of fourteen Vásáry won first prize in the Liszt competition at the Academy of Music in Budapest. Over the next few years he was prize winner of four international competitions (the Warsaw Chopin Competition in 1955, the Marguerite Long Competition in Paris the same year, the Queen Elizabeth Competition in Brussels in 1956 and the Rio De Janeiro International Competition in 1957). In 1958 his first recording made by Deutsche Grammophon, was selected as the record of the month in London and nominated as the record of the […]
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